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Knowledge is the basic foundation in anything that you do and increases your chances of success astronomically.


ur course will start you off with the very basics, and in a short time bring you up to speed with the latest information and resources, that will have you online and building your business in a very short period of time. This however, is not an easy task and it will require hard work on your part to implement what you will learn from this course. Nothing worth while is easy but the rewards are well worth the effort. There is nothing more rewarding than being the owner of your own successful small business.

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Thank you for inquiring about my Internet entrepreneurship program. This guide will explain the course outline and what you should achieve once you have completed the program.

Internet Business from Home

So many people today wish they could earn a full time income from the comfort and convenience of their home. Everyday thousands of new Internet businesses start and last only a short time, most of which cost their owners hundreds if not thousands of dollars in money, time and effort and fail because they did not have a good basic knowledge of the environment in which they were working. Jumping in to any venture without knowledge and at least a basic skill set is nothing less than foolhardy. Unfortunately once again so many have been deceived into believing that they did not need this basic knowledge and understanding.

The Knowledge Foundation

No matter what you do in life, to do it well you need to have experience and knowledge. When you start a new career, hopefully you have a basic knowledge of the work at hand and you are usually trained by someone who has the experience to help you perform at your greatest potential and therefore become proficient at what you do.

Far too many people are deceived into believing that building a profitable Internet business is easy and takes no time, effort or knowledge to succeed. These people are the only ones who make money and yet they consistently draw crowds of people who desire to succeed and want to do it from home. This course is not designed to tell you it is easy. It will give you a solid foundation of knowledge and will show you how things work so that you understand key principles and concepts and will be better able to decide what methods will best suit your skills, likes and comfort level. The course will also show you how to do all this for free. Yes, once you get started you will learn how to build a profitable at home Internet business using free services and resources that are available on the web right now. All you need is the knowledge of where they are and how to put them to use for you and your family.

What Will This Course Teach You?

Did you know?
95% of all internet businesses fail in the first six months and 95% of those that don’t, fail in the following year.

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to make informed decisions about every aspect of your new business venture from picking the business type, selecting what type of website you will be using and the type of advertising and marketing you will need to promote your business and start making money.

· People fail because they don’t know how to succeed.

· There are no free rides in the world especially in business. You will be required to work hard with your lessons, learn material that you are referred to and for your benefit make notes from what you have learned for future reference.

About The Internet and the World Wide Web

You will start your course learning or in some cases relearning the basics. If you have already in the past participated in some sort of get rich quick automated money making wonder you will need to weed through what you learned, keeping the good and discarding the bad. One thing I will agree with as far as MLM programs go. They do know how to market their products. Unfortunately only very few make money.

Valuable Info Remember, that to succeed takes hard work, perseverance and patients. You will not get it right the first time no matter what you do. You will need to try and if a certain methods especially in advertising and marketing do not work you will need to change your strategy and try again until you find one that does.

What is it worth to you to be able to build and run your own home business?

What will I need to do this course?

Most things that you need to complete this course most likely you already have. Here is what you will need however just in case.

You will need a computer with a reliable internet connection and a valid email account. You will also need a pen, paper and a calculator. Yes you will be doing some math. You will need a simple text editor such as word pad or even better MS Word or the equivalent. You will need to have communication skills and the ability to write and correct your errors properly using spell check and grammar check. You will also need a deep desire to learn and the motivation to apply what you have learned to build your business from the ground up and be prepared to be proud of your efforts when you make your very first dollar of profit. You will need to know how to cut / copy and paste using your computer and word pad. You will also need the latest version of Adobe reader installed on your computer to be able to read the course material.

Sun Tzu: A famous Chinese War Lord Stated in his book the “Art of War “ which is also used in business today. “The soldier who plans and wins in his heart and mind before entering the battlefield will certainly triumph over the solder that enters the battlefield with hopes of winning.”

Sun Tzu: Another famous quote of this famous General. “The general who makes many calculations before and during the battle will be victorious and with fewer loses than the general who fails to calculate at all.

How would it feel to have accomplished what so many others have not?

Many people have tried a myriad of programs to be able to stay home and make money. I am not selling you a program or anything close to it. I am selling you education and experience that if used as directed will give you the foundation required to build and manage a successful home based internet business. The time and effort is up to you. I will give you the tools, what you do with them are up to you and only you.

How is this course presented?

The course is presented in 18 lessons in Adobe PDF format. (The latest version of adobe Acrobat Reader needs to be installed on your computer) We would assume however that if you are reading this it is already installed. Should you use another computer you will need it.

Each lesson can be completed thoroughly in a few of days. I recommend that you not work at too fast a pace as there are questions you must answer and submit in order to receive the next lesson. I will not send all the lessons at once. It has been my experience that too much information can be distracting and people often will jump ahead as they may feel they already know that or this. This is not a good idea as each section although it may seem simple or trivial at the onset can be very important later in the course. Jumping ahead distracts the learner from the task at hand and lessens the overall learning experience. I realize that many people get excited and want to get up and running as fast as possible. This unfortunately is the reason so many fail. I feel that if I control the learning process forcing the learner to take their time they will have a greater chance of success and it also builds motivation as the work will get harder as the lessons progress so enjoy the slow learning time while you have it.

You need to do each lesson in turn and do it diligently. You will not be sorry in the long run.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

There are two fee structures for the course as we realize that not all people can afford to pay the entire fee up front. You can pay on a per lesson basis or you can pay for the entire course at the onset. Paying the entire fee at the onset of the course however is more economical but both options are available to everyone.

The pricing for the course in its entirety is $225.00 CDN Funds. All taxes are included and paid by me from the total. You will be sent a receipt via PayPal immediately at the time of the transaction. You can also pay directly here on the course website. Fees based on the per lesson basis are as follows. First three lessons are $60.00 that must be paid in advance. Subsequent payments are due at the start of lesson 3. The cost per lesson is $20.00 and must be paid in advance before each lesson. You will not receive lesson three until lesson four is paid. The total cost of the program on the pay as you go plan is $360.00. We try to accommodate who we can, as we want everyone to have a chance at success and a sense of pride and accomplishment. Realize however, that this course has been compiled from years of work and experience and should not be taken lightly.

Sorry but there are no refunds. The course will do exactly as promised but the success is based upon your motivation and effort and I cannot guarantee what I cannot control. Apply what you learn in this course, put in the hours of work that is needed and you will in time build a profitable online business.

What Exactly Do I Learn In This Course?

Course Exercise. Search the definition of TCP/IP. What is it? What does it do?

The complete course outline is at the end of this brochure with explanations of what you will be learning and why. Each lesson covers a specific topic and is arranged in a manner that things flow together so as to maximize understanding and effectiveness.

How do I Pay for the Course?

All payments for the course are handled through PayPal. You can send money directly to eahcentrepreneur@gmail.com from your PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account that is fine as they also take all major credit cards. Opening a PayPal account however will be a good exercise for you as this is part of the course as it will be your primary source for money transactions once you get your business off the ground. There is a direct PayPal purchase link on this site also. Once payment has been confirmed you will receive the first lesson within 24 hours.

Can I Contact You If I am Having Difficulties?

Most certainly you can. That is what I am here for. All correspondence is done through the main eahcentrepreneur@gmail.com email address. Usually most emails are answered within a very short period of time but all will be answered within 24 hours. I do ask however, that if possible please write down any questions or problems you may be having and please send only one question in each email as it is much easier to monitor the solution this way.

Course Topic Synopsis

Lesson 1

Introduction to the Course and Course Literature

You will be introduced to the course and the course creator. A detailed explanation of what you will be doing over the next few weeks and a list of simple tasks you will be required to perform so as to better familiarize yourself with the tools that you will be using such as search engines, email, web browser and word pad / word. You will be preparing materials and documents that you will be using later in the course to aid you in tracking your progress and results.

Lesson 2

The Internet and the World Wide Web

You will be given a brief history of the Internet and its early Military inception. You will learn the difference between the Internet, the World Wide Web (www) and other network systems such as private Intranets. You will learn the basics of the TCP/IP protocols and how they allow the internet to work. You will also learn the basics of client /server communications and how information is sent from a server and displayed in a visible format that you can see on your screen. You will have questions to answer by searching the internet. You will also learn about such items as Domain Names, DNS and Sub Domains and how they are treated by search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Lesson 3

Basic Internet Tools

You will be learning about the basic tools of the internet. Email, Web Browsers and Search Engines and how they have developed over the years. What makes Google so popular? How do these tools help you with your business? How can they be utilized to increase your traffic and your profits? You will also learn what not to do, and legal practices that can save you a lot of headaches and possible legal liabilities. You will learn about the regulations regarding SPAM and other unprofessional practices.

Lesson 4

HTML: Hyper Text Mark-up Language, The Link Language We Know and Love

HTML is no longer the simple language is was fifteen years ago but its basic structure is the same. You will learn basic html programming to create a simple page in notepad that can be viewed with your web browser. You will mainly concentrate however on specific tags such as Meta tags that are of prime importance to search engine and how using these tools correctly can speed the search time for Google and other engines to accurately list your business site. You will be again given tasks to complete on the web to submit. You will learn basic tags that relate to linking <a></a> anchor tags and a few other important ones that will help you make changes on pre-built template sites.

Lesson 5

Internet Entrepreneurship

In this lesson you will learn basic business principles that apply to all business. Elements of the course however directly relate the online business arena. You will learn basic elements of accounting and how to organize your information should you ever be reviewed by government revenue agencies. You will learn where to go to register your business so you can become a legal business entity.

Lesson 6

Identifying Your Interests

In this lesson we will concentrate on you. What are your interests and experiences? Most successful businesses are owned by people who have a deep interest, experience or love for the business that they own. If you know nothing about horses why would you start a horse ranch? It is one thing to like horses but another to know them and run a business around them without that basic knowledge and experience that will allow you to succeed. This is a session dedicated to brainstorming and collective thinking that can help you decide on what avenue of business is best for you.

Lesson 7

Identifying Your Skill Set

This lesson will help you develop and understand what skills you have and can take to the business world. Many people start their business on their own and many start as a collective. This will help you identify your skills and to delegate some tasks to others whose skills may better suit these same tasks. Many couples also start businesses and this lesson will also help these people. To succeed in business you must know your limitations and be able to share the work load and delegate tasks to those better equipped to do the job. No one is great at everything. This is a lesson in cooperation.

Lesson 8

Identifying the Best Business Model for You

This lesson will avail to you the types of businesses that exist on the internet today. It is an in depth study from MLM programs to brick and mortar businesses with an Internet presence. What makes these businesses succeed and what makes them fail. Why are so many people lulled into the quick money Internet MLM automated money scam? What is it however that makes them so prevalent on the Internet and who is making the money with them? What to be on the lookout for to protect yourself from false and unethical online opportunities.

Lesson 9

Identifying What Site Type Is Best For Your Business

In this lesson we will look at the different types of website such as online catalogues and stores, auction sites like e-bay, blogs and standard paginated websites. You will learn site capabilities, strong points and weak points. You will explore online examples of existing business sites and be able to identify the key selling features such as advertising placement, search descriptions and utilized payment systems in use. We will also look at the extensions of web sites to accommodate the world of mobile web browsing on cell phones and notebook computers.

Lesson 10

Building Your Site and Business

For most people this will be the first in a series of lessons they have anticipated; the building of your website. Everything you have learned up until this point has been preparation for this moment. You will have by now decided on what type of business you are going to start, what you want it to accomplish and a strategy to market and bring traffic to your doors. You will now learn step by step how to build your site using online website building tools and get your business online for the world to see. You will have decided on a name for your business and depending on what model you have chosen applied for your unique domain name and started construction of your new business.

Lesson 11

Advertising for Profit

This lesson will show you what sites on the internet will pay you to have their ads on your website. You will learn to utilize pay per click advertising with such tools as Google Adsense, and Click bank, and use the power of affiliation with such companies as Amazon. You will learn how to find other companies that will pay you to advertise their products and in many cases pay you additional commissions on sales that resulted from advertising placed on your site.

Lesson 12

Affiliate Programs that work and Pay

This lesson will delve deeper into affiliations and the financial impact they can have on your site from both sides of the business whether you are marketing someone else’s product and earning a commission for the sale or someone is selling your product and earning a commission from you. There will be deeper discussions about Clickbank and other affiliate organizations and what they can do for you and vise verse.

Lesson 13

Advertising and Promoting Your Business

This lesson will show you proven advertising and marketing techniques. You will learn to use collaboration with other sites, free classifieds advertising and a menagerie of other online marketing resources that are available on the Internet today. You will also learn how to create simple advertising that will attract new customers to your business and at the same time track your advertising and Ad campaigns to maximize your advertising resources. You will also learn the legalities of advertising and industry standards for avoiding SPAM and fraudulent disclaimers.

Lesson 14

Money Management Systems

This lesson will introduce the student to online payment and receipt systems such as Paypal, Clickbank and other third party Credit Card handlers. You will also be introduced to direct credit handling utilizing the banking system. You will also learn the basics of cash basis and accrual basis financial accounting and different software applications that are available today. We will also take a look at budgeting and forecasting.

Lesson 15

Other Types of Marketing and Advertising

This lesson will teach about more traditional methods of advertising such as newspapers, email, cell phone text and fax. We will delve into some more common but at times useful advertising such as paid advertising sites, banner exchanges and Google Adwords. We will also discuss the ethical and legal implications and regulations that apply to these types of promotion.

Lesson 16

Foundations for Increased Income

This lesson will introduce such concepts as viral advertising, blogging, blog clustering, and collectives that can seriously increase the hit count on your business website. We will weigh the costs of increasing the hit count against manageability and scaling. We will also introduce the use of social networking and the influence it can have on your business. We will also discuss how sites like Face book, MSN, Twitter and other social networks can bolster sales and revenues.

Lesson 17

Do it and Do it Again

This lesson will take a deeper look at clustering and blogging and how site replication can increase sales and revenue. By using your main site as a cornerstone to branch off into various other markets and products you can increase your sales and or commissions.

Lesson 18

Monitoring Your Progress

This lesson will teach simple and proven methods to monitor and manipulate your progress. You will learn the basics of good organizational skills and time management.

Lesson 19 Intro

Advanced Site Management and E-Commerce

This is and introductory look into a future course that addresses advanced concepts for site management automation and e-commerce.