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Internet Entrepreneurship

Greetings to All, My name is Paul Martin and I am the creator of the Internet Entrepreneurship Program. Please let me introduce myself,

I have been an IT professional for over 15 years working in many environments but mostly in the education field at Colleges and Universities. During this time, I have also lectured on many topics from dynamic website design using mostly Unix/Linux Platforms (MySQL/ PostGresSQL / Oracle), HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and Behavioral Issues In Information Systems. As my experience increased, I started guest lecturing on the topics of Entrepreneurship, Introduction To Management Accounting, Technology Management and Innovation.

I have spent most of my professional educational career developing online learning, training and corporate collaboration systems. These systems have made distance education a viable alternative to many where the chance to participate may not have been there without it.

I hold a MASc in Computer Science and a MMSc (MOT) Master’s in Management Science in the discipline of Technology Management. While working for a major Canadian University I was the technical developer of a unique online Master’s program. This program was a mainstay of my career until I decided to move on to my own Consulting company. As the information systems Coordinator / Analyst for the distance program I managed to turn a small online community into a global online program with students in 23 countries and a yearly revenue exceeding $20,000,000.

If you can sell a $30,000 degree to students all over the world, you can sell pretty well anything. The techniques in advertising and marketing that I used while in this position have proven themselves to be indispensable and have helped in the promotion of many commercial and private sites that I have worked with.

Away from the regular workforce for a period of time I decided to share my experience in the context of an 18 Lesson course that teaches the average non computer savvy person how they can build their own business on the Internet. I boast no wonder formula for success or offer any empty promises. I can promise you one thing. If you work hard, learn what I have to teach you and be diligent and persistent you will build a successful online business that will be sustainable and provide an ethical income for years to come.

I offer a detailed course filled with sound information that will afford you the opportunity to start your own online business. Once you have completed the course, your decisions will be based on knowledge and not guesswork . You will be able to make informed decisions about all aspects of your venture and learn the ins and outs of ethical business practices.

You will learn basic management concepts that apply to all types of business not just the internet. You will learn about your legal obligations as a business owner and how to become a registered and legal business…

This is a course for people who are serious about building an online at home business and realize that there is no such thing as easy money… At least not ethically anyway… You will be able to build a sound business that you will be proud of and is sustainable and manageable.

I will give you the knowledge and the basic skills to build and promote your business the time and effort required are up to you. You will have the knowledge and the tools, what you do with them is your decision.

For more information on the Internet Entrepreneurship Program, please visit the main website at:


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I would like to thank you for taking the time to peruse the site and I wish you success in your future endeavors..


Paul Martin


Creator of the Internet Entrepreneurship Program

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